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Ambrey Baker Food and drink facilities

Ambrey Baker’s cold and refrigerated warehousing solutions make for ideal food and beverage environments when facilitating the manufacturing, packaging, storage, and distribution of food and drink products to end consumers.

We understand how important a product’s environment is at any given part of the product lifecycle, as it moves down the supply value chain from field to factory to store. One poor quality metal panel, or a HVAC system that missed its last regular maintenance check, could be all it takes to allow perishables to ripen early, wither or spoil.

The controlled element of these environments also prevents unnecessary food waste, which is very significant, considering the environmental impact this would otherwise have on our world. In fact, the wasted carbon emissions and inefficient land use that this causes makes food waste the third most significant contributor to climate change, after aviation and power generation.

This is why we pride ourselves on our extensive and in-depth knowledge of food and drink specifications, hygiene standards, food storage regulations such as CDM, health and safety guidelines, HAZOP, HVAC units, process engineering and sustainable practices. We apply this knowledge in everything we do, all the way from feasibility studies, design and planning phases, through to construction, installation and ongoing support.

In fact, our in-house professionals thoroughly assess every step in the construction process, so that all industry-standardised measures and regulations are met, and any issues are immediately resolved.

We have undertaken a range of projects, including meat and fish abattoirs, fruit and vegetable processing units, retail stores, rendering facilities, and multi-temperature warehouses and factories of all shapes, sizes and specifications.

So, whether you are a distributor, a provider, a supplier or an organisation that delves into all three of these fields, we can help you create a food and drink solution that is as specialised, or as versatile, as you need it to be.