pharmaceutical manufacturing

Overview on Pharmaceutical

With a wealth of previous experience working in pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage solutions, Ambrey Baker has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that we can work seamlessly with your team to deliver FDA or MHRA compliance.

All materials and components are meticulously design specified and are selected and installed carefully in order to preserve the integrity of your product, whether that be in terms of temperature, lighting, air consistency, or quality. We know how valuable your plant and your products are and we’re very well-versed in working with iInsurers. We instal passive fire protection measures, such as fire doors, fire walls, and protection to floors, structures, and cladding; as well as working with specialists in various active fire protection systems, such as AFD, Sprinklers, and Oxygen Depletion Systems.

Our pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and pharmaceutical storage builds create sterile and controllable environments that are environmentally efficient, safe, secure, and easy to maintain and adapt. We are also very experienced when it comes to the security and protection of your IP and your products. As such, we are extremely cautious, working closely with you right from the feasibility and concept stage to the handover of the keys and the O&M Manuals.