Reg Baker

Reg Baker Q.B.E

Founder & Executive Director

Responsible for SHEQ, Operations & Delivery

Reg served in Her Majesty’s Forces between the ages of 16 and 23 and, following his service, he resolved to build his own construction business, specializing in coldstores.

With the determination and drive that he perfected during his time in the military, Reg soldiered through and worked hard to accomplish his goals and, 33 years later, has an impressive portfolio of successful businesses to his name. These business thrive on the consistency of the service they offer: clients return again and again and fresh connections are formed with new customers who are drawn in by the quality of the services offered.

Across his extensive career, Reg has amassed a vast network of highly capable individuals who share his ethos, his focus, and his degree of professionalism. These invaluable connections, along with Reg’s enthusiasm and resourcefulness, are some of the many assets that set Ambrey Baker Industrial Solutions apart from the rest, giving us an immense commercial advantage over competitors working in the same field.